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 Staff Application (Any position use format if you like it)

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PostSubject: Staff Application (Any position use format if you like it)   Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:31 pm

Real Name:

Ricky Carrender



About Me:

Information about me can be found by reading the introduction session. I am a person who enjoys online gaming. I have played RuneScape for a while and have played many Private Servers. I am online a lot, but unlike most people I am hardly ever at home as I am playing the server and getting 99's. I am a fun person and like to joke around, though I do not find racial remarks or cussing without cause humorous at all. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all. I played RuneScape off and on for the past three years and 4 years solid before that.

Do you have an past experience as staff?

Yes I do private message me if you would like details or proof. @Edit: Head Moderator and Administrator of DarkNation, Co-Owner/hidden owner of LumyScape, Owner of PuppetScape (Needs Hamachi to work, keep away hackers) Co-Owner Yippeescape, Was a moderator of RuneOnline for like a month but owners wern't nice so i quit. Previous head mod of Elite PVPers before they switched source and my computer could no longer run it. etc... etc... Also note I am the Current SuperModerator (Forum Master + Game Master) of catgunz which is a private server of GunZ: The Duel

Would you punish a friend? How long have you played?

Areal friend would respect that your staff and follow the rules. So yes if they break the rules they get punished. I have played since after the first few hours of its release.

Are you active? What time are you available?

I am very active in-game and I am almost always trying to advance a new skill. If not I am either fooling around in safe pvp with a bronze knife or talking at home. School starts Monday, but I go to a charter academy which is only 3 hours per day. So i will be as active as I already am -3 hours.


Pk Ancients

Contact outside of game: MSN-abusivefreak2_hotmail_com SKYPE- xxmax3xx

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pk ancients
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PostSubject: support   Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:20 am

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Staff Application (Any position use format if you like it)
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