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 How to access from school.... (should work)

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How to access from school.... (should work) Empty
PostSubject: How to access from school.... (should work)   How to access from school.... (should work) EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 12:22 pm

1) If your school doesn't have java make a copy of yours on a thumb drive

2) When teachers aren't watching move the java from your thumb drive to appropriate section on school's c drive

3) In the address bar put the following: http:_//

4) Have fun on forum or click the web client and try and play

(BONUS) Check to see if the computer has Command Prompt.
If it doesn't open up note pad.
type cmd and save it as (whateveryouwant).bat
open your command prompt
type shutdown -i
click browse and select computers
un-check both boxes
press OK
Laugh yourself to death as everyone's computer shuts off

(if it is an XP computer and you like star wars type: telnet towel_blinkenlights_nl)

I am working on a command that will shutoff all computers on network automatically by massively pinging them. If I get it to work I will post a link.
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How to access from school.... (should work)
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