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 pk ancients 1-99 Farming Guide

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pk ancients
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PostSubject: pk ancients 1-99 Farming Guide   pk ancients 1-99 Farming Guide EmptySun Aug 28, 2011 2:16 am

1 - 99 Farming Guide!

First you go to ::farm and buy some seeds.
After that you go to ::garden and click on the fountain.
And you click on the Guam seed till you reach level 25.

1 - 25 You do the ::garden part.

25 - 35 You go to ::farm and use guam seeds on the patches.

35 - 60 You use Ranarr seeds on the patches.

60 - 75 You use Kwuarm seeds on the patches.

75 - 85 You use Lantadyme seeds on the patches.

85 - 99 You use Torstol seeds on the patches.

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pk ancients 1-99 Farming Guide
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