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 Jason Peters Mod Application

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Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

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PostSubject: Jason Peters Mod Application   Fri Aug 26, 2011 11:14 pm

Name:Jason Peters
age: 19
location: California
What Are You Applying For: Trail Moderator
past experince : iv'e been mod on allot of servers and admin on like 3 co-owner on like 4 but i am not gonna say names of servers cause a couple of them are still online and i don't want to advertise

a couple Q & A

if your friend broke the rules would you let him get away with it: i would tell him to stop and if he didn't i would mute him for further notice if he kept doing it i would jail him

if i saw 2 people argueing and they want'd to report each other id tell them to post proof on forums for me or another staff to look at proof of them then a type of warning/punishment for breaking what ever rule they have broken

if there was a problem i couldn't handle i would ask for someone else that's played longer me like atokad16 on what i should do

if you wanna know anything else just ask troll
msn: i don't have skype downloaded on this computer
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PostSubject: Mod for forums only?   Sat Aug 27, 2011 10:17 am

Atm your reward is moderator on forums, ill keep like it. Im just giong to create a yell for you and maybe ill give you nice items ingame.

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Jason Peters Mod Application
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